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The production of rubber foam up to 12,000 square feet


8 yearsIntegrity through businessLand area8000 square metersProducts are sold to the domestic market and countries in the world


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    PU Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

    PU yoga mat is made of PU leather and natural rubber, which is eco-friendly and recyclable. PU surface can customize the yoga bode line as well as color printing all kinds of designs. It is waterproof, anti-slip, non-toxic, no odor, anti-tear, stain-resistant, easy to clean and care for.


    Suede Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

    Suede yoga mat is made from Suede and Natural Rubber, which is eco-friendly and recyclable. Suede surface can be printed with beautiful patterns. It is anti-slip, non-toxic, no odor, anti-tear, exotic amorous mood and characteristic patterns.


    Mouse Pad

    The quality of Natural Rubber Yoga Mat have passed the test of SGS and met the international standard of REACH and ROHS.


    Zhejiang well-known electricity

    Anhui Sky Color Rubber Co,Ltd is a well-known PU supplier in Zhejiang. PU natural yoga mat can be imprinted and laser engraved logo, durable and elegant. Anhui Sky Color Rubber Co,Ltd production of PU natural yoga mats, is currently very po...

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    Fitness elite

    More and more people join the fitness industry, there are more and more people like unconventional. Our day color rubber company produces suede natural rubber yoga mat can be customized for a variety of patterns, bold innovation! Suede natu...

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    High-end private fitness clubs

    High-end private fitness club friends learned that I produced the Secretary for the production of natural rubber cork yoga mat, the use of the Division I became the club designated yoga mat production and supply manufacturers! My company pr...

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    A chain of Anhui Internet cafes

    A chain of Internet cafes in Anhui, I plant a large custom mouse pad. We plant the mouse pad can be imprinted customers and laser engraved logo, durable, nice....

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    01Large factoryArea of about 8000 square meters

    Plant area of nearly 8,000 square meters

  • Yoga mat, mouse pad manufacturer
  • Production of rubber foam on the 12,000 square feet, 4000 yoga mat
  • Won a number of honorary certificates
  • 02Safe and stylish yoga mat, mouse pad

    Environmental friendly skin, no stimulation

  • Passed the test of SGS and met the international standard of REACH and ROHS.
  • Owing to the features of durable, beautiful, eco-friendly and recyclable
  • 03Adequate inventoryDelivery accuracy rate of 99%

    Accurate delivery rate of 99%

  • High quality products
  • Superior service and on-time delivery
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    High quality products

    Competitive prices

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